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For landowners with the right property in the right place, working with RiverBank allows them to generate meaningful revenue without selling their land—often above market value.

Our business requires that our project properties be permanently protected from development by way of conservation easements. In addition, RiverBank invests capital into landowner properties, improving the value and utility of the resources.

  • RiverBank has been great to work with. They paid us well for the conservation easements, which allowed us to pay off the bank. They also installed four wells with troughs and storage tanks and several miles of fence lines across the ranch. Even though the wells and fencing work turned out to be more expensive than we agreed to, RiverBank still got the job done.

    They honored their word every step of the way, and were very respectful of our ranching operations during construction. As far as the streams go, their work is just plain impressive. These creeks were once battered and eroding. RiverBank fixed the erosion problems and returned the natural look to the streams. So not only has RiverBank improved the look and feel of our ranch, they also improved the efficiency and reliability of our operations. I can’t recommend these guys enough!

    Rick Wilson
  • The entire RiverBank team was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and personable. They presented and followed through on creating a conservation easement for our family farm that was a “win-win” for our family and the land. And they explained everything thoroughly from the outset, so there were no surprises. I give them two thumbs up!

    Sara Clark